Monday, August 25, 2008

athens, first post

i think it's a good way to start this athens part of my life with a few shots from a bike ride. only this time i have a real bike. it's not pink. it's purple. dark purple i should say. much better than the one i bought in berlin. i ride it everyday to terrapin. i only live 2.4 miles away from there. more hill than berlin though. the first shot i hope some of you can recognize. i haven't eaten there yet, but i will. just checked the resolution and you'll have to click on the picture to see the sign. it was closed when i found it. just sort of ran into it one day. the second one is for dave. pretty cool looking train tressel. think that's what you call it anyway. then there's a picture of the oconee river. i lived close to it for the first three weeks in athens at my cousin sam's house. not much of a river and i still haven't found a swimming hole. the last 2 are going into terrapin territory. the first is a concert the brewery got tickets to at this really cool place outside of athens called ashford manor. could be misspelled. some latin jazz band was playing(grogus). not my kind of thing but they were good and we had a really good time. brought lots of terrapin bier with us and bob the filter guy made these killer paninis. the last shot is us getting a group picture made for the website or something. i got someone to take one for me. it was at this employee appreciation party we had a few weeks ago at the brewery. had some good pork butt and ribs. no good sauce. storebought. i'll have to do something about that.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

a little more tennessee

first we have a shot of my favorite dog roxanne. she lives in tennesse with my friends rhyan and lindsey. my cousin down here in athens has a black lab named cocoa that comes in a close second but you just can't beat roxanne.
brother andy with a penny on his head at centerhill lake. he really wishes he was an indian.
this is micah. also at the lake. just a weird looking picture. it's like he's up in your face. and below is fred on top of the house boat. he only has a head. no body.

it rained alot on us and i took alot of pictures of the rain. thought this was the best. i had to sleep outside because all of the beds were taken. it rained like hell off and on all night but somehow i didn't get wet. we had fun with the jetboat and tube until micah let the rope go up in one of the jet engines and we had to cut it. we gave him hell the rest of the weekend. he takes gettin hell well, but he usually deserves it.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

three waterways in tennessee, all connected

first and last is centerhill lake. the lake i grew up on mostly. does not look like a lake bigger than the tegeler sea in berlin but it's pretty damn large and deep. 200 feet in many places.
this is my nephew preston. he just turned 10 a few weeks ago. he's a nut. this was over a month ago. my mom lives on a small lake called city lake. cookeville used to get it's water from it. now we get it from center hill. under this damn is the falling water river which ends up in center hill.
here's preston, my mom, and my brother's girlfriend's son caleb at burgess falls park.
that's burgess falls. you can see it better in other shots i took, but i think this one looks the coolest. this also dumps into centerhill.
from the left is maddie, preston, mom or "mimi", and caleb. maddie is caleb's sister. that's one of the worst things about leaving cookeville. i won't get to see these three, among other friend's kids, grow up as much. everytime i go home i will have missed alot. you can't brew beer in cookeville though, unless you're rich as shit. maybe not even then. this is from the overlook at burgess falls. i want to keep on doing this blog, but it seems like maybe no one is looking at it anymore. if you do still look at it, make a comment or something. this will be my last tennessee post but i allready have some good pictures of athens to put on this thing. let me know if you want me to keep this shit up. prost.

Monday, July 14, 2008

a little tennessee time

well...........i'm down in athens, ga now but i wanted to throw a few tennessee pictures on here. i think i'll make a few tennessee postings and then move on to athens. so far i haven't even taken one photo here anyways. too damn busy. i got to stay at my mom's house in tennessee for a month before actually having to work again for a living. had a great time. these first five shots were taken at my mom's house at a sort of welcome home party for me. i have a few crazy hillbilly videos i will be uploading soon to the threeajk site on youtube. they are must sees for sure. that's me in the horn rims first off. these are my friend scott phipp's glasses that for some reason we passed around and put on. next is my good friend larry McKelvey. he recently moved back to cookeville. hopefully i'll get to move back too some day. the next one is my brother andy. in this shot he looks like he's been drinking a few shots and that's exactly correct. then it's shea on the left and scott on the right. shea just finished his 1st year at vanderbilt law school. we played in one band or another together since we were 15 until last year. scott came up with his girlfriend kim from dunlap tennessee. he likes to talk about politics while drinking and kicking your ass arm wrestling. then there are woody and christa boyd. woody worked at the cabinet shop i did and then graduated ttu and moved to knoxville. he's supposed to have long hair though. can't believe he cut it off. that's all for now. i'll get back on this thing when i have more time. right now i'm pretty much like an educated mexican except i work for free. well, i guess i work for bier. all the low fills and high fills i can drink.

Monday, June 30, 2008

final germany post

this first shot was taken at a bier garden in berlin a few hours we were done with our exams. this post is mainly for Katrin, our former Chemical Technical Analysis teacher. i say former because she is no longer a teacher at the VLB and by next year she won't be working in the VLB's lab either. her husband Ingo will be leaving the VLB as well. this is all because of a stupid insident in CTA lab. there's this little stuck up bitch from somewhere south of the border. let's just say south of columbia and north of peru, but not brazil. she is not used to being corrected even though she probably gets corrected everyday of her life. i guess if she was on fire i might piss on her but not enough to put it out. she also has no ass. i guess you really could say she has negative ass. maybe some of you think this is a little harsh. if so, comment on it. the point is that the VLB lost one of their best teachers just because daddy's little girl got mad and was determined to get revenge. if you're reading this, you know who, GROW UP! enough ranting.
katrin in the middle. we all love you.
this here is also one of the best at the vlb. Heinrich. microbiology. this man knows what organisms like to eat and he's also seen jimi hendrix play on an island. what more can you ask for in a professor? see anyone in the background uninterested in our celebration?
this is mike from england on the left. he is an assistant for the CTA class. mike was very helpful in lab and a pleasure to talk to outside of class. the last photo is just a fun one of a few of us in hamburg. burghard and john bryce are on the left but not in the frame. from left, vinicius, simon, me, erica, felipe, and koji. as you can probably tell, we were having a pretty, pretty good time. bier and jager. this is also about 10 minutes before i almost get my ass kicked by five hamburgers for asking them why the hell they care so much about obama winning the democratic race. that's what jager does to me. got out of that one though and live to argue another day.

after this post i don't think i'll be putting anything on here about germany. that is until the next time i go there. i think i'm going to keep the blog and change the name. haven't really thought about a name yet. i'm also unvailing my secret you tube account to you guys. i wanted to get enough junk on there before anybody saw it. the videos are mostly very stupid but funny. more so if you know me and especially so if you're a new brewmaster or teacher from the VLB. just type in "threeajk" without the quotes. don't ask me what the name means. you'll never get it out of me. i had alot of fun doing this blog thing and i hope you've enjoyed reading it. stayed tuned for some american postings in the near future.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

last of the brewmaster single shots

none of these really need any introduction. first is felipe from brazil. he graduated second in our class.
erica from canada sitting on a dock bier garden. erica was the third best in class.
and who's that guy with the ten day beard? that's right, it's me!
these last 2 are (above) the group of new brewmasters that decided to celibrate our exams being over by drinking more bier. of course. then below is a group of us directly after our last exam at the imbiss. all brewmasters happy to be done with exams.

even more brewmasters

this first shot is of Shinichiro Takeda from japan. we call him shin. sorry, it's the best one i could find of only shin.
then there's Vinicius Micai Nunes from brazil. we call him vini or vinicius. there's better shots of him but i chose this one for the action in the background. i'm pretty sure that black foot under the blur in the upper left corner is Thomas G. running to turn a pump off or something. others are goran and gokhan. both with 2 dots over the "o's".
here's the only loas guy shot i have. there's 2 of them. their names are Phanthanouvong Khamvathana and Somchanh Oupaxay. don't know which one this is. sorry
this is my favorite picture i took of john bryce, the other american.
to finish this post out and have enough singles to do another post i chose to put a picture of the class clown in for good measure. burghard. he's pretty, pretty,..... special.